‘Avatar: The Way of Water’ with John DiLillo

Episode 1

You hear that? … Is it Eywa’s heartbeat? Or the birth of a new podcast, maybe?

Let it be both. Today, we start our first “kick” with Avatar: The Way of Water (2022)—a sequel with twice the cast, twice the mo-cap, and twice the reasons for Jim Cameron to believe in himself. Joining us is the fantastic writer (and “Avatar guy”) John DiLillo to unpack Way of Water‘s “refinement” of the 2009 original, go beyond the spectacle, and act as the guinea pig for a segment called “Truth or Trivia.”

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About “The Kick”

“The Kick” is a theme-obsessed movie podcast where new releases are the ultimate excuse to fill blindspots and let that completist flag fly.

Part of the Now Playing Network, the show runs in multi-episode arcs—or kicks—that explore a particular sub-genre or filmography, and then culminate in a relevant new film. As in, “I’m on a sports-romance kick, and it won’t be over until I see Challengers.

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